a history of lying, or, ‘how i learned to stop lying’

  • Avoid hurting someone’s feelings
  • Prevent an inconvenience
  • Cover up things — for instance, making sure dad (also pictured above) didn’t find out how much we’d spent at LimitedToo
  • the list goes on + you get the idea
  • Coaching w Lauren Zander / the Handel Group / the Handel Method
  • Meditation
  • Morning Pages
  • Hoffman Process
  • Therapy — literally since I was 12, of all kinds — I’m currently in somatic therapy + love it
  • Ayahausca
  • Carl Jung’s work
  • My coach Lauren retired, but her fam still runs the Handel Group + their program InnerU is a great jumping off point
  • You can grab LZ’s book, ‘Maybe Its You’, here.
  • I started my journey in earnest w a vipassana
  • …and that’s an extreme start. My friend Jesse has created THIS meditation course, its super accessible and I loved taking it
  • Its expensive and a big commitment, but I was profoundly shifted by the experience and still feel the effect of the tools today. To learn more: https://www.hoffmaninstitute.org/
  • A concerned reader of these ‘articles’ who happens to be a lawyer has told me that I gotta stop explicitly telling you all how to attend medicine ceremonies, so I wont pop in a link here, but I will say if/when she calls to you, you can email me and I can tell you things
  • Read this. Simple + affordable.
  • What lies are you ready to let go of? Why those?
  • What truths do you stand for? Why those?



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Equanimity Equation

Equanimity Equation

Currently exploring at the intersection of experience design, community + inner work.