belonging to oneself: a how to.

  • Deciding to fully honor the NO — as hard as that felt to commit to
  • Recognizing the night was ‘bout to get ceremonial and leaning in
  • Making the space as pretty and comfortable as I could
  • Going on a long walk and stopping to appreciate the beauty around me
  • Taking a long candlelit bath, and going body part to body part, telling each part, ‘I belong to you, you belong to me, I love you and we’re safe’
  • Eating a meal over 30 minutes, going super slowly with each bite to savor it and be w the taste and feel
  • Journaling for what ended up being hours and hours
  • Feeling *everything* that came up — no matter how subtle or uncomfortable — and watching as I writhed around it / away from it / thru it — then returned to it to feel it some more.
  1. How do you find center, find alignment, find ‘home’? Do those ways work? How do you know?
  2. When’s the last time you heard ‘the voice’ — the inner knowing, the gut, the spirit/soul/guide message(s) that we all get — and what’d it say? Did you listen?
  3. What’s a need you’re currently outsourcing, that’s ready to come in? How do you know?



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Equanimity Equation

Equanimity Equation

Currently exploring at the intersection of experience design, community + inner work.