food, anxiousness, perfectionism + pattern breaking: a love story.

  • Eat when hungry
  • Be present w your food
  • Honor your cravings
  • Stop when full.
  • I use it for numbing
  • as a reward
  • to escape
  • to satiate the desire for enoughness (never works)
  • + and as a salve for the anxiousness (also — yet to fully work)
  • For nourishment
  • As a way to be mindful and present
  • To feel connected to my body
  • As a portal to knowing self-trust
  • I listed out what I wanted to remove from my body
  • I listed out what I wanted to prioritize going into my body
  • Eat when hungry
  • Check in whether or not I’m full and stop when I am
  • [try to] be present with each bite (v hard when eating w others)
  • Listen to my body + what it wants
  • Drink water. A lot of water.
  • How would you describe your current relationship to food?
  • What’s a dream relationship with food / nourishment look like for you?
  • What’re you ready to commit to, in terms of what you put into your body? How do you know?



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Equanimity Equation

Equanimity Equation

Currently exploring at the intersection of experience design, community + inner work.