on relieving anxiety: a bath ritual

  • Creating beauty in the (bath) space feels important: salts, soaps, candles, petals, scents. Signaling to my body + spirit that I’ve created beauty for it to enjoy
  • I settle into the tub, and allow the water to create a somatic state change
  • After a lil bit, I start down at my toes. I hold them, and tell them 3–4 things I appreciate about them: ‘thank you for every step you take. Thank you for walking me. Thank you for holding me up. Thank you for how perfectly imperfect you are’ [imp cuz I have 9.5 toes — really, true story — so have always been ashamed of them]
  • I rub or caress the body part while I’m saying these things, creating another opportunity to be present w sensation
  • I close that body part with the same phrase each time: “I’m here, we’re here, you’re safe and I love you”
  • I move up my body — my calves, my thighs, my pussy, my back, my stomach, my breasts and on and on — telling each part how grateful I am for that special thing they do
  • I close with a prayer of gratitude for my body: “thank you for all you do for me. I love you”. I might pull forward other work I’m doing: “I forgive you. I’m here to forgive. I trust you. I’m here to trust” — before closing out fully
  • I get out of the bath and lay myself down on the bathroom floor. The coolness of the floor after the warmth (or hot) of the water allows me to feel my chest, my body in a way that feels acute and presencing
  • I stay there till there’s been a shift back to conscious thought, till it feels like the time to peel myself off the bathroom floor has arrived.



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Equanimity Equation

Equanimity Equation

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